I'm a games/software developer with primary experience in TypeScript/JavaScript/HTML5, but have had experience in a number of other languages (such as C/C++, C#, and Lua). I take great pride in my professional and personal projects; placing a great deal of effort into them all. I speak Japanese, am learning to play guitar, and of course I play a lot of games!

I graduated from Bournemouth University in 2019 with a first-class w/ honours in Games Programming.

Currently working for Popcore GmbH in Berlin, Germany as a Principal HTML5 Game Developer, porting mobile Unity games to HTML5 platforms such as Facebook Instant.

CoolGames Projects

Whilst I was primarily assigned to Angry Birds for Facebook Instant, inter-team collaborations at CoolGames meant that I worked on the other active projects, which includes but isn't limited to Battleships and Tetris (for Facebook Instant), Jewel Academy and Snake, as well as the framework/engine that powers these titles.

SCP: Containment Breach

SCP: Containment Breach is a free survival horror game based on the SCP Foundation works of fiction, played by thousands of people.

Originally a modder working on the Box of Horrors mod, it was very well-received, enough to be merged into the main game.


A library of modular, plug-and-play AI algorithms in C++, currently supporting the basic bruteforce algorithms, as well as A* and its variants, in grid-based node maps.

The example shown is an implementation of said library, using A* Epsilon for agents and Breadth-First for random level generation.

Click the image to go to the Github page.


A small port of Pokemon Blue's engine to C++, made for a university assignment.

Custom JavaScript game engine/framework

To demonstrate what experience and knowledge I had gained at CoolGames, I created my own JS game engine, primarily aimed towards the Facebook Instant platform, but modularised enough that with little modification, other platforms are viable. Click the image to play a small Flappy Bird clone made in the engine.

March22 Engine

An open-source engine/framework for adding interactive narrative to games, or making visual novel games. Originally written in C++, the current version leverages the Unity game engine (C#). Closes the gap between author and programmer by utilising a custom-built, extensible, lightweight scripting language.


A port of the March22 engine to the PSVita, using lpp-vita (a Lua engine). Utilizes Ren'Py (python) game script as source, and compiles into Lua via a C++ algorithm, for multi-platform usage.


A small project, RPY-eBook is an algorithm that parses .rpy game script (Ren’Py visual novel scripts) and output an eBook-friendly file that allows the "game" to be read on tablet or ebook devices, such as a Kindle.

Atlamillia Engine

A 2D isometric engine, intended for dungeon-crawler games, succeeding the Atla engine. Designed, built, and optimized from the ground-up to support many AI agents, using techniques such as spatial partitioning.

University Grades/Scores

  • Year 1

    Software Programming - 89%
    Media Devices and Networks- 78%
    Computer Graphics for Games - 76%
    Creative Business Awareness - 68%
    Game Production Techniques - 53%
    Total: 75.5%

  • Year 2

    AI Programming - 90%
    Object Oriented Techniques - 81%
    Computer Graphics for Games - 78%
    Group Project - 77%
    Mobile Games Programming - 74%
    Total: 80%

  • Year 4

    Transcript pending
    Graduated with First-class honours